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Connecting Tech Companies from Switzerland with the Rest of the World

We believe that today, the business world has been supplemented by the social age 
where value is no longer just created by companies producing products, services or
things. In the new age, value is also created through the connections that individuals 
have with others. It is all about connecting things, people, and ideas. We are convinced that in the next decade the most innovative products and the biggest ideas will be born through collaboration between
young entrepreneurs and established enterprises.

We also believe that Switzerland ranked as having the best education system in the world, is playing a vital role in this change, and will be one of the top global centers of innovation within the social and digital age. It would be easy to think that 
it is only about technology when it is not. It is about everything in business and life: a 
new age entrepreneurial mentality of a purpose for society, not just enterprises, a multi-cultural meritocracy, a strong community sense, and the talent to improvising. Switzerland with its four regions of German, French, Italian, Rumantsch language, with distinctly different customs and English as a predominant corporate language is a melting pot of different cultures and is, therefore, a perfect place for innovators, who
 want to change the course of things.

Annexxio is headquartered in Switzerland.


A lot of experts and enterprises are looking for new sources of value creation – most possibly in connection to its existing business products, services or things and it is their ultimate goal to create competitive
 advantages or big ideas to create new profitable business models in collaboration
with new tech companies and innovative entrepreneurs.

And this is where Annexxio is coming onto the scene. Annexxio is a facilitator for innovation, it’s new technology and new ways to do things. We focus on discovering
young tech companies in Switzerland, connect and engage with the entrepreneurs 
and people behind them and pursue new business development & partnership opportunities for external contributors.

In addition, we have worldwide stakeholders, such as technology professionals, mentors, journalists, and a lot of nerds to discover, monitor, and share new, relevant opportunities and ideas, edited and rehashed by our own editorial/news team. Annexxio 
provides insider’s access and insights to the digital innovation economy with our blog
 and news services.


We address four kinds of audiences:


Young Tech Companies and the entrepreneurs 
behind them who are looking for support to facilitate
 successful collaborations with external contributors
 and potential business partners.


External Contributors who want to build lasting relationships with our network of young companies and entrepreneurs to help them grow and achieve innovation goals
 and the next milestones.


Enterprise Partners and global corporations who
 want to start to explore new business opportunities 
and/or strategic investments in hot tech companies.


Members are normal information & blog users.


Don‘t hesitate and get in touch and send us details
 about your upcoming projects. We‘ll get back to you
as soon as we can. We are looking forward to talking to you.