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HIEC Talent Recruiting: Transformation is Everything

New technologies destroy jobs, but they also create new ones. The prerequisite for this is that we must remain agile, adapt and develop. Our globally anchored executive search company is also in the process of adapting its processes and a business model to these challenges. A «high touch» approach is still necessary for top people.

Locating Transformational Leaders

But how do you find the right person who can implement a vision or who can bring a vision to a company before the solution is in house, a world-class talent?

By making a market mapping, a map of companies, technologies, and sub-technologies that are specialized in such products. As an example: For a mandate, we searched Amazon in Seattle, USA. But we soon realized: The real music is played in China. All startups in Silicon Valley that offer the basic technology we were looking for were of Chinese origin.

We quickly found out where the cluster, the center of these top people, was located. And we came across the National Retail Federation trade show in New York for retail technologies. I went there with a client's CEO and we visited all the companies that had something to do with retail automation. We bought the basic technology from a vendor in China. For recruitment, we talked to the exhibitors and we were asking who for their head of development and we attended the keynote speeches. The result was a shortlist of seven candidates, real talents. Not a single one of them was European.

HIEC is a world-leading provider of innovators and digital thinkers, who will transform your business into the new world. We have the right experience and network to source the top people your organization needs. We find your organization the right board and senior executives.

Commited to Diversity

HIEC recommends the following tactics in recruitment before the recruitment process actually begins: Shareholders and investors should primarily invest in the right executives and then in products or services.

At the time of recruiting, one usually knows which profile one is looking for for the current company situation. However, companies and situations change quickly and the management team must observe these changes and draw the right conclusions. This means that an executive search company must be able to carry out a management audit again and again and accompany the onboarding process.

The digital economy needs new knowledge and new talent. HIEC helps you access, attract, and hire top executives, nerds, and unidentified wallflowers. If your organization requires to promote new and diverse organization structures, speak to HIEC. We’re your wingman to change to the status quo.

Reinventing Search for a Digital World

How about the age myth: Can CEOs between the ages of forty and fifty introduce the digital transformation in a company, perhaps without the most modern, in-depth technology training? Can pre-millennials keep up with the technological development of digital transformation?

The answer is: Of course! A credible digital transformation is only possible top-down and it does not depend on the age of a manager but on her mindset. But it's worth having a person on the board of directors who embodies the digital transformation competence and exerts influence accordingly. Boards of directors are much more aware of this and more proactive than in the past.

By thinking beyond the analog, anticipating change, and acquiring only the best digital talent, HIEC has become the leading global executive search firm. You have a choice. Disrupt or be disrupted. HIEC knows the digital creatives of this world. Speak to our experienced partners in the main cities of this world.

A World of Experience - the HIEC World

Experience shows that companies with a mediocre product but first-class management have greater chances of success than a company with a first-class product but inadequate management. Often, however, the founders' ego prevents the development of a good company.

We see it in many companies where the founders have different skills, one is a technology expert, the other a product developer, one is an economist, another perhaps a financier and the question arises as to who is the boss?

For every assignment, who can make a difference to your organisation, HIEC handpicks a partner-led, bespoke team, with the deep sector expertise, that your business requires. You can rely on HIEC. HIEC provides a world of experience curated for you.