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Self-Leadership - the Key to Success

«Only people capable of consistently managing their own actions will continue to be successful in times of pressure.»

‘LYS’ Professional Coaching: Developing High-Performance Individuals & Teams

Human beings are the most profound facilitators of innovation and success but also the greatest obstacles.

Rapid developments such as digital transformation make companies’ fields of activity more VUCA: volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. This places new demands on leadership, as well as on all stakeholders, including oneself.

The image of «homo economicus» as an "economic human" capable of acting rationally is a thing of the past; people rarely act entirely rationally. A leader's actions and behavior impact a company's workforce, culture, performance, and ultimately, its success. How can a positive impact of any leader be maximized, regardless of the organization's / venture’s stage, size, the field of activity, or scope of products & services?

Overcome the #3 Reason Why Startups/Ventures Fail

The number 3 reason (some say the number 1 reason) for startups/ventures to fail is ‘team issues’. This needn’t be the case. Why is so much value left on the table?

Each person and hence each team member has his/her unique story, history, and experience, including baggage.

This is why perceptions differ and why internal and external pressures cause conflicts to arise in all lives, in all relationships, and therefore in all organizations and ventures.

A Professional Coach? A Professional Coach!

...or call them else, such as mentor, supporter, booster. A professional coach supports the development of leadership skills and leadership styles that work best for each member, evaluating individual strengths and weaknesses (ahead of when the growing team will need them). A coach can do so more readily than anyone inside the team.

It is not just about preventing team issues; it is also about creating high-performance individuals & teams. The strength, focus, resilience but also creativity and joy that can be mobilized by an individual and a team are truly astonishing. Such progress and development processes are addictive as they boost performance, impact the bottom line AND fuel the joy of knowing what gets you out of your bed in the morning to go work long hours building your business.

Why Coaching?

  • Close collaboration with a coach ensures that vision and goals are aligned and achievable.
  • A good coach helps individuals set their own personal goals for professional growth and development.
  • Founding members face a high degree of pressure and uncertainty, and the need for getting into the weeds. They often confront challenges they don’t share with teammates, investors, advisors, or even trusted friends and family. A coach helps work through challenges and brainstorm the next steps.
  • The founders who succeed over time are the ones who learn the fastest about themselves (not just about the product-market fit).
  • Practicing and improving (self-)leadership to stay successful in turbulent times and under pressure also leads to better leadership of others.
  • Effective high-performance teams thrive despite limited resources.

Good News

Most businesses rely on annual reviews to provide feedback and evaluate performance. Conversely, today’s workforce values growth and development opportunities, ongoing exchange, and having a coach, rather than a “boss,” who helps them tap their potential. Therefore, it is critical to help the leader become a better coach: coach the coaches!

Research shows that coaching significantly helps leaders become better and more effective. If will and commitment are present, coaching always works!

Experienced. Practice-oriented. High touch in a high-tech, low-touch economy. LYS.

As experienced executives who have long-time experience in and with organizations and startups in various industries, we at ‘LYS’ (Leverage YourSelf AG) have committed ourselves to the practical implementation. We support business leaders and startups in navigating changes, growth, and transformations, developing strong organizational dynamics at the human level, and capitalizing on their full potential.

The concepts used in our coaching have solid scientific grounding.

As entrepreneurs, executives, strategists, innovators, management consultants, and coaches, we have found that true success always involves the utilization of one’s own and the team’s potential.




“Acknowledging you have areas to work on is not an admission of failure; it is an admission that you have even more potential.”