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seif: driving impact innovation

SEIF supports and promotes impact-driven entrepreneurs – individuals or teams – with innovative business ideas to solve current social and/or environmental challenges. With the main focus on TECH FOR IMPACT, we provide targeted support for impact entrepreneurs to grow, improve their business performance, and scale their impact.

SEIF has a broad experience in impact investing in the seed and early-stage phase and can support individuals or family offices as needed. In particular, SEIF can assist in the development of an impact investing strategy or in professional impact measurement and management. SEIF can also support you in the search for suitable impact investment opportunities, in the due diligence process or in investment decisions.    

We would be happy to discuss your specific needs in a first meeting, to find a custom-made offer. For further information please contact Professor Mariana Christen Jakob.

Advance your impact startup and become impact investment ready

At SEIF we offer specialized coaching, trainings, consulting and impact investment opportunities to support impact entrepreneurs from all sectors to advance their business, enter the market, grow and scale successfully. Check out our current programs below or get in touch to discuss how we can support your impact business.

SEIF Tech for Impact Awards

The SEIF Awards Tech for Impact target entrepreneurs in Europe who develop or make innovative use of technologies to tackle social and/or environmental challenges and contribute to the UN SDGs. Learn more about the SEIF Awards here.

Ageing Society Accelerator Program

Together with our partner Bluelion, we developed an accelerator program for impact-driven startups with an impact on the Swiss Ageing Society. The program, Samsung For Impact, initiated by Samsung, aims to support the impact startups in taking their business cases to the next level and to reach the highest impact possible.

Impact Academy

The Impact Academy is a six-month coaching-cycle offering you targeted support in crucial areas of the market entry and growth phase of your impact-driven business. The aim is to make your startup ready for impact investments through individual coaching, input sessions by experts, and a supplementing online library. Click here to learn all about the Impact Academy.

Innosuisse startup training

On behalf of Innosuisse, we offer the training Business Creation and Business Growth for social entrepreneurs. The 5-day intensive training is practice-oriented, interactive, and collaborative with highly skilled experts and practitioners as trainers. Read all about it here.

At SEIF, we see large opportunities and significant business potential within the framework of the UN SDGs, working with Tech for Impact startups. As a corporate partner of the SEIF Awards Tech for Impact you get direct insight into the world of Tech for Impact entrepreneurs in Switzerland and Europe.

What is the SEIF Awards?

The SEIF Awards target European impact entrepreneurs who develop or make innovative use of technologies to tackle social and/or environmental challenges and contribute to the UN SDGs. Each Award grants the winners CHF 10’000. Together with our partners, we provide finalists a unique opportunity to increase their international awareness, gain reputation, and present themselves to a top-class jury.

With over 20 years of experience in social innovation, CSR, and impact entrepreneurship Mariana is an expert within impact investing as well as non-financial support for social entrepreneurs. She founded SEIF in 2011 with the aim to professionalize the social entrepreneurship sector and provide impact startups with the necessary support to grow and scale successfully. Today, Mariana leads the way in early-stage Tech for Impact investing, finding solutions for the issues involved in initiating the first financing rounds.

About Impact Investing

Impact investing addresses global social and environmental challenges and enables growth and scaling of innovative businesses with a positive impact, alongside high financial profits. It challenges the long-held view that social and environmental issues should only be addressed through philanthropic donations and that market investment should focus exclusively on generating financial returns. This dichotomy no longer stands up to today’s reality in the financial world.

Impact investments are investments made with the intention of achieving positive, measurable social, and environmental impacts in addition to a financial return. Impact investments can be made in both emerging and developed markets and target a range of returns, depending on the strategic objectives of the investor.

Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

The seif impact academy

SEIF stakeholders, impact-driven tech companies, established corporates, investors and business angels and sponsors, can’t be wrong. Read what they say about our impact:

«Our coach challenged and pushed us to think further, especially regarding our business model which was much appreciated. Also, we got important new learnings about our Theory of Change, how to measure impact and financing models».

«The SEIF Impact Academy gives excellent support, both the input sessions and the coaching. Within a well–designed, flexible schedule.»

«I learned a lot about the importance of our Theory of Change and how to conduct impact measurement and management.»

«The input sessions are extremely useful and well structured.»

«The SEIF Impact Academy offered the possibility to exchange with an experienced person on business topics, but also on interpersonal and personal development topics.»