Annexxio scans the Swiss landscape looking for young tech companies that have the potential to transform industries. Our 2020 list & network showcases young companies that are building and scaling businesses addressing the rapidly changing technological era we live in. Use our directory to get meaningful search results and business connections.

1banq4all aims to create the first global social bank. The goal is to facilitate access to financial services for all kinds of businesses and individuals and to bring banking services to the doorstep of customers independently of their location.

3Brain is the world’s first company having designed and realized high-resolution neuro-electronic interfaces to improve success in drug development and to be used in numerous applications in the fast-growing brain-computer interface industry.

9T Labs advances lightweight design by simplifying the use of high-performance materials.

The only navigation system for the self-directed investor and enabling Next Generation Wealth Planning and Advice.

AAAccell is a leading innovation company in asset- and risk management developing cutting-edge high-tech solutions for the financial service market.

Today, many producers of premium brands have limited control over distribution network processes. Acatena helps your brand and product identity against counterfeit, product diversion, and fraud.

Adaptricity develops simulation software for the planning and optimization of electricity distribution grids and helps grid operators in the transition to renewable energy and SmartGrids.

Adjoint Treasury is a real-time payment and settlement platform for corporate treasury built on distributed ledger technology.

advaisor AG is an ETH spin-off using Artificial Intelligence to measure and improve digital collaboration. The company uses AI to generate emotion-related big-data from the digital footprint at work.

Next-generation psychological instruments and tools for diagnostics and research in healthcare.

Advanon offers a fast lane to short-term financing on a marketplace, where SMEs sell their open invoices to investors and turn waiting time into growth, revolutionizing the traditional factoring business.

AlgoTrader is an institutional-grade algorithmic trading software solution for conducting quantitative research, trading strategy development, and automated trading for traditional securities and crypto-assets.

Ambrpay is a payment orchestrator supporting subscription payments / recurring transactions for crypto-currency via smart contracts.

Animatico is an ETH spin-off with a team of world-class scientists in the fields of computer graphics, machine learning, and character animation. - the marketplace for original handmade accessories, jewelry, natural cosmetics, art and home decor, creative courses, and much more. Order the handmade unique pieces directly from the producer!

Apiax builds powerful and flexible tools to master complex regulations digitally.

Aquantis investigates and develops new inline sensor solutions using micro- and millimeter-wave technologies to monitor and optimize industrial processes.


Arbalo operates a universal marketplace for cloud software that consolidates technology, licenses, and contracts from a broad range of suppliers simplifying installation and operations.

Arbrea develops a real-time augmented reality mirror to pre-visualize breast reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.

Arcadia enables NGOs and other aid organizations to offer P2P-based exchanges and marketplaces. These marketplaces are accessed via an identity-less wallet issued only to users that are verified and “known” to the NGO.

Archilogic is a platform that makes it easy for real estate professionals to use digital representations of their space to solve meaningful problems and deliver powerful experiences.

Arve offers state-of-the-art machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics to turn air quality into value for the hospitality industry.

The platform audiolingo offers exciting short stories, audiobooks, and test preparation quizzes for important language learning skills, designed by CELTA Certified Teachers.

Balzano provides AI for augmented diagnosis to interpret, measure, and predict on MRI and CT scans.

Switzerland's first fitness studio offering pay-as-you-go spinning classes that you book online.

Bike Loft is an automated bicycle parking facility with state-of-the-art communication and information technology via smartphone.

Binary Edge focus its effort on acquiring, analyzing and classifying internet-wide data, by combining efforts in the areas of Cybersecurity, Engineering, and Data Science.

Dynamic Devices markets the world’s only AI-powered robotic personal trainer by combing scientific acumen in robotics, artificial intelligence, and mechanical fabrication techniques with movement and neurosciences.

A replacement for traditional badges, cards, keys, passwords, PIN codes, and biometrics. Worn on the wrist of the user, LeBracelet provides secure and seamless authentication to your devices, services, and premises.

Blocknify is an Advanced Electronic Signature provider within Switzerland (ZertES) and EU (eIDAS) allowing to legally sign documents and create approval processes with privacy and trust.

Brainalyzed offers the world's first artificial swarm intelligence platform, making deep learning technology accessible for everyone, especially finance-oriented businesses.

Caplena helps you automatically analyze free-text, creating actionable results from unstructured customer feedback.

Carbon Delta is a leading environmental fintech and data analytics firm specializing in climate change scenario analysis. is an automotive FinTech company that’s revolutionizing car buying by offering unprecedented freedom, simplicity, and an end-to-end customer journey.

Cashare is a P2P lending platform bringing together people that want to invest money with people that want to borrow money. More than 2'500 financed projects already.

CashSentinel creates trust between parties involved in an important transaction by securing payment and execution through a digital contract.

Chiping offers the worlds first GPS tracked golfball (and mobile app) with worldwide shipping.

CityFalcon tracks global markets to identify topics where the algorithm sees a significant jump in volume of news coverage, tweets, and research to power decisions in financial markets and in business.

Classtime by Pollock Technologies is an education software company deeply committed to delivering exceptional solutions to thousands of educators and students globally.

ClearMinds helps to create and manage an investment portfolio with a simple online experience where you can access over 100 years of investment experience.

The CloudBroker Platform is a middleware and application store for applications in the cloud allowing to easily port, use and commercialize compute-intensive software on heterogeneous cloud infrastructures.

CodeCheck is your shopping assistant and helps to gain full transparency over ingredients in your food, drinks, and cosmetics. Just scan the product barcode.

CommoChain helps international trade of commodities and raw materials to evolve towards more efficiency, sustainability, and transparency with automated and paperless workflows. AG's Conode is a digital productivity application that allows us to get things done faster with a polished workflow that transforms thoughts into actions.

Contovista enables data-driven banking with white-label software and data analytics services to optimize the digital banking experience and gain actionable customer insights.

Cooala is the world's first genuine out-of-the-box content marketing and story-telling platform. is an online medical consultation service and accepted by all health insurers in Switzerland for standard models.

Cortexia provides to the cities worldwide an objective and automatic measurement system to improve the city’s cleanliness and helps to reduce cleaning costs.

Cosmobutler is an on-demand service that lets you clean your clothes, repair your shoes, clean your soft furnishings and carpets at the click of a button.

Creal offers light-field technology which is a key to blending the virtual images into the real world and, thus, the missing link to truly functional Mixed Reality.

SwissRealCoin is a crypto and security token linked to a portfolio of Swiss Commercial Real Estate making real estate accessible to a new segment of investors.

Daedalean's mission is to make flying safer than ever by replacing and outperforming the human pilot on every measurable scale by building the world's first autonomous flight control system.

datascoop is focusing on everything data journalism including easy data search and access, data-driven story discovery and delivery, and outstanding visualizations.

Deep Cube is a swiss startup doing medical image diagnosis with AI in order to aid doctors to be efficient and accurate at diagnosis.

Turn any photo into an artwork by using Deepart's algorithm inspired by the human brain in just three steps.

The simple cloud software for your dental practice with DENTOTAR® and Medidata integration.

Validated image compression for critical applications and AI.


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droople is an IoT platform for water intelligence to efficiently manage water-driven assets taking into account related social and environmental impacts.

DynaMetrics is an automated credit scoring tool for credit analysts, underwriters, and risk managers.

eduwo is the largest Swiss platform for the exchange of experiences regarding studies, training, further education, and career.

Elqano promotes a new way to capture collective knowledge via chatbots and based on AI technology.

eMonitor is a real estate B2B white-label CRM that digitizes and automates the rental process for apartment managers and sales processes for home-vendors.

Enterprise Bot empowers digital conversations based on AI and bot technology to answer questions and guide customers through their every need, 24/7.

EverdreamSoft (EDS) is pioneering integration and use of blockchain tools in the domain of gaming and digital collectibles. EDS is also the issuer of the cryptocurrency BitCrystals (BCY).

EveryCook is the first internet-connected cooking device that makes you a kitchen hero.

Farmy is an online shop for regional and organic products e.g.fruits, vegetables, meat, flowers, dairy products and so on.

Fasttree3D is a fabless semiconductor company designing image sensors and applications for spatial awareness for industrial and automotive applications.

Faveeo is a smart AI-driven tool that highlights reliable, meaningful content on any topic by finding and following the most trusted sources as opposed to just the popular ones.

Flatfox runs its own real estate marketplace for landlords and potential tenants. Flatfox also offers digital services for real estate agencies and managers.

Safe drones for inaccessible places. Inspect & explore complex and confined spaces safely, quickly, and economically.

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Flybotix rotor technology is used in drone applications especially in professional inspection drones that operate inside industrial assets.

Flyerbee is a Software-as-a-Service platform to plan, deploy, track, and measure out-of-home campaigns.

Gait Up combines sensors, algorithms, and biomechanics, to provide world-leading motion analysis. Its products revolutionize sensor-based analysis with meaningful metrics and accuracy.

GeneLook is a patient-responsive DNA-sharing Platform to enable patients to "Broadcast" their genetic mutations with the pharmaceutical industry for biomarker and drug discovery.

GetYourGuide is the booking platform for travel experiences around the world. Total funding is at $650+ million with a most recent Series E in May 2019 with $484M.

From customer support to sales, Gmelius is the transparent workplace communication platform that links your existing tools and connects your teams.

Gonnado offers tailor-made performance and marketing tools for a range of industries (e.g. sales promotion, lead generation, digital coupons etc.).

With Gymhopper your current gym membership opens the doors to the best 200 gyms in Europe.

HEGIAS develops a High-End Virtual Reality Content Management System for architects, homeowners, interior designers, and marketers.

Fotokite Sigma is a vehicle-integrated aerial camera and drone system that provides Public Safety teams with mission-critical situational awareness.

Futurae is frictionless and secure authentication for digital businesses enabling trust and invisible security for users on all devices and applications.

Hive Power is accompanying energy utilities through the digitalization and decentralization processes, using state of the art machine learning and blockchain technologies.

CASASOFT is a digital real estate marketing solution offering a wide range of virtual products from a single source: from real estate software to websites to 360° tours.

Hydromea offers high-tech submarine drones that will reduce fatalities in dangerous underwater operations including fast through-water wireless optical modems for data transfer.

Ifluenz connects advertisers to influential Instagram users all around the world.

The Imburse “Payments as a Service” enterprise platform offers to simplify payment integrations for enterprises and those with legacy IT systems.

Immodating is a paperless rental application. Apply for apartment rentals online, 24/7 from home, and re-use your data. Easy and free.

immpres combines the concepts of presentations, immersive experiences, and virtual tours in one flexible tool, allowing for the creation of interactive, and animated 3D scenarios.

Sell your music with iMusician and reach hundreds of international shops, including iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Beatport, Spotify, and many more.

Imverse turns people into live 3D holograms by combining real-time graphics video technology with depth cameras.

Interaction Partners is an investor engagement solution provider to organize meaningful interactions with investors and shareholders.

iSense specifies the taste of flavors and connects flavor houses to food and beverage manufacturers. An essential go-to marketplace to source flavors, globally.

With the Jacando tool, you can easily manage the complete HR suite. Your whole HR in one cloud! uniquely matches people, businesses, jobs, and projects with perfectly selected skills, expertise, and experience – anonymously, securely and in real-time.

Kido Dynamics provides tools to deeply understand people’s mobility patterns for segments such as transportation, out-of-home marketing, tourism, events, and smart cities.

Komed Health integrates seamlessly with existing healthcare systems to push actionable, real-time patient data at your fingertips.

LargoAI is a powerful data-driven artificial intelligence program for storytelling, movie-making, and production companies.

Orchestra is a secure and reliable communication platform for rescue and public safety forces to manage workflows, and share vital information.

Legartis harnesses the power of AI to help to enable companies and law firms to identify, classify, and understand contracts and legal documents within seconds.

Lend is Switzerland's fastest growing crowdlending (peer-to-peer) site with currently nearly 100 million CHF paid out volume.

Lendity connects alternative lending platforms with professional investment managers and institutional investors using cost-effective investment solutions.

Leva offers deal managers and startups a complete toolkit to pool investors, syndicate deals, and make fundraising easy.

Ligado offers an effective way of managing organizational change with a focus on organizational alignment and people engagement.

LuckaBox is a platform for fast and easy access to the biggest network of same-day and on-demand carriers for stationary retail, e-commerce, and manufacturers.

Lucy enables companies to improve their IT-Security Awareness and test their IT Defenses in a very affordable way.

Luma7 is working on the domain of concept analysis and text mining and helps automatically create links between online information.

Ultra local and sustainable grocery marketplace for same day delivery.

MaxBrain is the leading learning platform for further education and corporate training.

Merakoi is a marketplace for collaboration between healthcare companies and patient experts to integrate their voices to get enriched insights in order to create meaningful healthcare solutions.

Mitipi's Kevin is a virtual roommate against burglars, a plug and play security solution, simulating presence, by leveraging light, audio, and shadow effects, to pretend that someone is home.

Connects comics, manga, graphic novels and children book authors with their worldwide growing millennial audience and provides a new experience to display comics with parallax effect.

Modum offers next-generation solutions for supply chain intelligence and automation, creating digital ecosystems powered by IoT sensing technology, blockchain-based networks, and artificial intelligence.

Moka is focussed on 3D animation software and unique technology that brings life to animated 3D models with precision in real-time.

Monetizer101 is a technology platform that helps publishers to monetize their media properties through smart affiliate marketing solutions.

Monito is building the for money transfers and helps people sending money abroad by finding, comparing, and reviewing money transfer providers in real-time.

MPower finances & distributes affordable clean energy in emerging markets by leveraging software and a data platform to access end-user data to create credit profiles and to reduce default risks to a minimum.

MySollars provides a clean web and mobile app to meaningfully engage with consumers by sponsoring them with real carbon credits (Sollars); for consumers, it is an engaging and fun way to reduce and offset their carbon footprint.

MyStetho is an intelligent stethoscope that enables cardiology and pneumology over the Internet.

Apointi by Netagenda is an online booking and calendar as well as a CRM solution for hairdressers, cosmetic studios, and many more in the service industry.

Nezasa is a B2B company and provides the travel industry an innovative travel & tour operator system build on the most sophisticated planning and backbone engine as well as a global content marketplace.

Nivaura delivers technology solutions using blockchain infrastructure that digitizes and automates key processes in capital markets.

Noisypeak is a leading provider of advanced video over IP solutions for TV/video broadcasters, as well as corporate, government, professional sports, and education applications.

onedoc is a platform to find a doctor, dentist, or therapist in Switzerland and book an appointment online. For practitioners: modern software to better manage their practice!

Open Mineral is a physical commodity market place to trade base metal raw materials and secondary products using technology and analytics and clients benefit from reaching sellers and buyers on a global scale.

OpenStratosphere is an independent pure-play company operating flexible Near Space platforms for earth observation applications, environmental intelligence, or communication infrastructure.

Ophtalma is a medical Imaging software company leveraging the true power of AI, deep learning, and quantum computing to auto-diagnose all diseases affecting the eye's retina through Optical Coherence Tomography scans.

Optune is the first digital workspace that connects all stakeholders in the live music industry to facilitate their daily tasks focusing on event management and booking processing.

People-Analytix provides a SaaS platform that enables organizations to create an inventory of skills and capabilities of its employees in order to understand skill gaps and to develop the workforce along with the strategy.

Piavita is a Medtech company with a mission to transform veterinary care by offering portable devices for reliable vital data measurements on animals for veterinarians and Big Data analysis.

Picterra is building the Google Search for the physical world, giving everyone the opportunity to draw insights from satellite and aerial imagery, all in just a few clicks.

Plair brings air microbial contamination into the light, enabling the pharmaceutical industry to save on operational costs, product losses, and manpower.

PopupOffice is a marketplace to rent a desk or meeting room in over 150 collaborative workspaces across Switzerland.

PrivateDeal is the first smart negotiation solution designed to increase direct bookings on hotels’ websites. A unique engine lets guests offer their own price for a room and instantly negotiates with them the best price.

Using Privately’s technology, App developers, Gaming companies, and Web Platforms can deploy child-centric online safety solutions focused on building resilience in children through a combination of self-help tools, awareness, and education.

ProcSea is an online marketplace that specializes in seafood for professionals, connecting fish merchants, fishermen, and suppliers with restaurateurs, fishmongers, and retailers in real-time.

Prodibi is the next generation image infrastructure as a service to display full-resolution photos on the Web and mobile.

Pryv makes software for data-driven healthcare innovation like an extensible personal data lifecycle management platform specifically engineered to empower developers to rapidly create GDPR compliant products, and services.

qashqade is a FinTech Startup focused on providing solutions for the Private Markets, for GPs (General Partners), LPs (Limited Partners), and Fund Administrators who are looking for a fully automated software solution.

Quantum Integrity offers A.I. powered deep fake & image forgery detection and manipulation.

quitt. is the No. 1 marketplace to register and administrate your domestic help.

Investment intelligence platform using AI to make venture capital more intelligent, data-driven and automated – helping VCs focus on what matters most.

Creating the future of healthcare logistics through inter-city drone delivery.

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RoomPriceGenie is an extraordinary revenue management software designed for smaller hotels, B&Bs, serviced apartments, and more.

Rovenso develops autonomous agile robots for security and safety monitoring of industrial sites.

SAFETYN is committed to making the General Aviation safer with in-flight and post-flight training solutions and a real community of pilots who exchange flights and share valuable advice.

SalesWings enables sales & marketing teams to consistently engage their leads in a relevant and timely manner and therefore helps to increase the deal closing rate.

SAMAWATT offers advanced mathematical models to significantly reduce the high electric grid imbalance costs for renewable asset owners.

Scantrust helps brand owners and governments with a comprehensive solution that protects products with anti-counterfeiting and anomaly alert functions using Scantrust QR codes.

Scewo produces the first stair climbing and self-balancing wheelchair in the world!

Securrency has created powerful regtech and fintech infrastructure technology that delivers unmatched multi-jurisdictional identity and compliance portability across different networks.

SeeHow is a tool for brands to generate authentic pictures and videos from their supply chain and use them for near-live marketing.

Asset management combined with own investing in one platform, which makes personalized investing easy and transparent.

New generation knowledge-based clinical decision support systems and integrated knowledge management solutions for healthcare.

Sendtask is the easiest way to collaborate with your team, clients, and suppliers in one place - even if they don't have an account.

Senozon’s mobility model determines exactly who is where at which point in time and for what purpose (for strategic location decisions in the retail business and real estate development).

Sensoryx offers a state-of-the-art wearable sensor system to capture every movement of its wearer with utmost precision in real-time.

Signatys is specialized in the management of electronic signatures for sensitive and highly confidential documents - on-premises for guaranteed security or on its own cloud instance hosted in Switzerland.

Signifikant offers an AI-based tool that optimizes the impact of media planning and mass media advertising.

SiROP provides a web-portal scientists use to post their open positions. Students can search by scientific topic and apply online.

smARTravel is an innovative multimedia app for visitors to museums, cities, tourist attractions, and parks, which offers the possibility to show its cultural and artistic content in a dynamic and interactive way.

Mt Pelerin is a Swiss fintech expert in asset tokenization and digital compliance building the infrastructure for tomorrow's finance.

Sonect converts anyone into a "Virtual ATM" - reducing the high "cost of cash" via a location-based on-demand service that allows its users to withdraw cash at over 2,300 partner shops.

Spherie is an award-winning service provider with its own free-flying VR film camera system for all stages of linear and 360 film production, 3D scanning, drone inspection, and AR/VR development.

SportsNow offers a complete solution for studios in the sports, fitness, and health industry. The core is an online booking system with membership management and free mobile app.

Stairlin’s mission is to provide self-employed everything they need to start, run, and grow their businesses with a suite of simple but very powerful tools.

Staxe was built to change the way creative productions are funded and to deploy blockchain technology to align and safeguard both creatives and investor interests under a single automated and secure platform.

Sublime Technology is an R&D company working on a 3D device to boost fashion online shops. The patented technology takes body measures and suggests the matching sizes.

Suncell develops and markets innovative systems specially designed for mono facial and bifacial frameless glass-glass photovoltaic panels.

Sustema helps commercial insurers be more objective, consistent, and profitable, using the largest source of independent data ever devised, the internet.

SwissBorg Wealth App gives the user the freedom and security to buy Bitcoin and other digital assets with ease and at the best price by using the latest technology to bring digital asset expertise to the palm of every user.

Swisspod is the first Swiss company developing hyperloop technology, which is the 5th mode of transportation capable of transporting both cargo and passengers.

Swissponic develops an urban farming system that allows growing healthy vegetables in a very easy way without any horticulture skills in just a little space at home, in greenhouses, and vertical farms.

Synacts provides the reference implementation of the Digital ID Protocol and helps its clients build secure online services, e.g. user-controlled digital identities for instant user onboarding, signing, and payments.

Synthara designs chips for Artificial Intelligence (AI) for consumer devices including wearables, AR/VR, and health monitoring.

Tayo Software offers the #1 property management platform to simplify interactions between property managers, tenants, condo-owners, and service providers.

Technis transforms the flooring into an intelligent platform capable of counting and monitoring people flow and recognizing and predicting the activity happening at its physical surface.

Teleport's SaaS helps to create an immersive interactive experience in a matter of minutes, with a simple video, and engage your audience in your story.

TieTalent is making it easy for companies to source and hire tech professionals they need to grow their business.

Tindeco offers a comprehensive investment management platform with modules for portfolio management, compliance, order management, and risk management.

By using blockchain technology and digital signatures, Tokenestate is developing a disruptive platform to make it faster, cheaper, and easier to invest in private companies and in real estate.

Tradeplus24 is a FinTech specialist lender providing a fully automated solution to offer flexible and easy funding to SMEs based on their account receivables.

TravelerFirst supports passengers for automatically claiming compensations for flight delays, cancellations, or luggage damages with its platform and wizard technology.

TrekkSoft provides state-of-the-art online booking and payment software to tour & activity operators in over 130 countries around the world.

Get rid of typos and enjoy the best typing experience you’ve ever had with Typewise, the keyboard app for iOS and Android.

VLabs offers augmented reality for geolocated data and excavation works to help to increase the efficiency of excavation while reducing the risk of damaging underground infrastructures (cables and pipes).

Vatorex provides a digital eco-system for beekeepers with innovative hive management tools and sustainable technology to manage life-threatening parasites and diseases.

Veezoo is state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology with deep insurance know-how to enable client advisors in insurance companies to realize the potential in their portfolio and optimize their processes. is the first digital matchmaking platform for boards of directors and advisory boards in Switzerland.

WealthArc is a smart solution for professional wealth managers with automatic data consolidation, compliance checks, and intuitive portfolio management for increased client satisfaction.

WeWent is an online marketplace for finding and booking business-oriented team building activities, group training, and workshops. The next step is turning it into an HR SaaS supported by team surveys and AI.

The is a company of young people who find that buying great wine should be easier nowadays.

Workspace2go operates an online marketplace for meeting rooms, desks and workshop locations – Workspace2go works like “Airbnb”, just for business.

Xatena is a highly specialized procurement- and supply-chain-management platform in the healthcare sector.

xFarm is a farm management platform covering every aspect of today's agricultural and farming business which is becoming more and more complex due to the legal, operational, and economic challenges.

xorlab uses machine learning and advanced dynamic analysis to identify threats from targeted email attacks.

Xsensio develops the unique Lab-on-Skin™​ sensing platform to sense in real-time biochemical information at the surface of the skin, providing information about our health and wellness.

Yooture is a job search and match-making platform for Switzerland and helps to find the perfect job for candidates.

Yova operates an impact investing platform by offering personalized and emotionally-appealing stock portfolios enabled by the digitization of private banking methods through AI and blockchain.

Z-Rechnung (from 8gears AG) helps even the smallest company to issue electronic invoices without any onboarding or setup costs.

Zenum's mission is to spearhead the development of biometric interaction that facilitates the convenience and integrity of the individual and the highest level of biometric security.