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What a success! The Zug based startup Dotphoton has recently signed a commercial agreement with the European Space Agency. ESA will test Dotphoton’s technology for use in space applications and the final product could help ESA’s optical missions to reduce costs in the processing of raw image data and in satellite-to-ground image transmission, one of the important cost drivers for all modern missions.

Dotphoton is a team of physicists, computer scientists, entrepreneurs and creatives who are specialists in professional imaging and data compression. Their solution reduces the image size by up to 10 times whilst guaranteeing its quality. This results in improved storage space and network bandwidth efficiency as well as much faster processing time. Instead of storing data in an arbitrary format, Dotphoton records the number of photons that have hit each pixel, making the data format uniform across different cameras. This allows advanced algorithms such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to immediately be compatible with images coming from different cameras.

Dotphoton’s unique technology is based on four years of scientific research in quantum physics at the University of Geneva. The company’s core technology has been validated by major Swiss research centers and is already being used by biomedical camera manufacturers and laboratories.



Eugenia Balysheva and Bruno Sanguinetti

The company was founded in 2017 and is spearheaded by Co-founders Eugenia Balysheva and Bruno Sanguinetti. Eugenia worked in communications before, and Bruno is a quantum physicist. They both share the passion for photography and were running a photography business before. With the growth of this business, the amount of data they had to handle grew and they tried different methods trying to resolve this problem. It took almost three years for Bruno – before the company was incorporated - to come up with the solution and one more year of common effort to start building a company by creating the first product and building the team. Eugenia today is Dotphoton’s Chief Executive Officer and works mostly on mass-market solutions, whilst Bruno leads business development as Chief Business Development Officer and helps the company to build a strong B2B client base.

"They both share the passion for photography and were running a photography business before. "