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for a digital world.



OpTuNE was built from the ground up by Swiss industry professionals to help manage live entertainment bookings. Whether you're an artist, booking agent, promoter, or location manager, OpTuNE has a solution for you and helps to streamline daily workflows in order to become better and more efficient. Collaborate, save time, and gain control of booking and event management every step of the way.

Manage all your artists in one simple space

Using Optune, you can set up your agency online and manage the profiles of your artists, from which it will be possible to control anything from gig dates to flight schedules. Your artists can receive a notification for any changes you make on their mobile app, meaning that all parties stay equally up to date using one slick and simple service. It is also possible for multiple managers or agents to edit the itinerary of one artist. This also means that each agent/manager has one calendar where all their artists’ dates will be visible. So no more switching confusingly between separate calendars until you’ve forgotten which artist was supposed to travel where and when! We still keep all your personal and your artist's data completely confidential!

Detailed information for each booking

Any information an artist requires in order to travel without a hiccup can be entered into Optune. Event details, travel itinerary, gig fees, a promoter’s contact details, driver’s number, artist care, even links and artwork for sharing: all logistics information is automatically updated whenever you update information in the system so everyone involved can be sure the gig is a success in the most relaxed way possible.



Tobias Horka (Co-Founder & CEO), Joël Meiller (Co-Founder & CTO), Patrick Horka (Co-Founder & Member of the Board)

The company was founded in 2016 and is spearheaded by Co-founders Tobias Horka, Joël Meiller, and Patrick Horka. All the founders have worked in the live entertainment industry for over a decade and they became increasingly aware of its inefficiencies. That was the catalyst for Optune, and why the team is now working tirelessly to offer the most advanced booking software for the entertainment business.