Universal drone logistics.



Rigi Technologies is a pioneering drone technology company developing “Air Bridge”, a cargo delivery drone designed to transport packages of 2 to 3 kilos over a distance of 80 kilometres. Compared to road deliveries, 'Air Bridge' provides a faster, cheaper and more consistent logistics link between two different locations or cities.

The solution comes with a virtual control tower which enables monitoring and controlling of operations of the delivery drones as well as the integration of drone flights in the airspace traffic management. Customers can, therefore, integrate delivery routes directly into their supply chain.

Rigitech is transforming logistics and supply chain with its new drone delivery technology which enables delivering packages over a distance of 80 kilometers. The Lausanne based startup has obtained a CHF 100’000 FIT tech seed loan to launch the first operation in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.




Adam Klaptocz is the CEO

The startup was founded in 2018 and currently employs eleven members. The company is supported by an advisory board comprising representatives of leading companies and associations in the field of drones, such as senseFly, IATA, and the Drone Industry Association of Switzerland.

Adam Klaptocz is the CEO. He has 10+ years in the drone industry through academia (PhD), industry (Head of Engineering at senseFly) and non-profits (Co-founder of WeRobotics). He also led engineering teams in drone development, operations and training worldwide, including Tanzania, Peru and Japan.

"In the same manner that ground logistics favors freight vehicles over sports cars, our drone shows that reliability is more important than over-complexity and polished surfaces. "